Embark on a familiar journey, reimagined. It is the age old tale of a wandering soul, lost in the vast unknown. Discover an oasis in a sea of city desert, and pause to rejuvenate and relish in a new found paradise that refreshes the soul.

Inspired by the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, the concept for Babylonia Fitzroy was born from a desire to create a space where guests could relax and unwind, free from the pace of modern life.

As vibrant colours and luscious foliage provide welcome reprieve from the concrete desert of city living, rich and fresh flavours of sweet and spice dance on the palette, reflecting the rhythm and motion of musical nomad mystiques.

Babylonia's menu features a fusion of contemporary classics, inspired by the traditional flavours and well loved dishes of Middle Eastern and European nations.

Open for lunch and dinner, Babylonia evolves from day to night, often enchanting guests with live performances, events and more.

Established in 2021.