Can I host a function or large booking at Babylonia?
Yes. Please refer to our Functions page.

Is your food halal?
Yes. We source our meat from halal butchers. We don't use any pork.
There are a few dishes that are cooked with wine, making them not halal: Creamy Garlic Prawns, Baked Prawn Risotto, Baked Lamb Risotto.

Can I bring a cake?
Yes. We are happy for you to bring a cake. We can hold it in our fridge until you are ready. Then we can serve it on a plate, place candles on it, and bring it to your table. We do not charge cakeage.

Do you allow BYO?
No. We do not have a BYO permit. You cannot bring your own alcohol.

Are you kid friendly?
Yes. We have highchairs available. We have kids packs available (simple activity books). We have a kids menu.

Are you dog friendly?
Yes. You may bring your dog into the courtyard under two conditions:

  1. Your dog must not disturb the other guests.
  2. You must clean up after your dog if needed.

Is there free parking?
Parking along Smith Street is all 2P metered parking ($4/hour) up until 6pm. Then 6P metered parking ($4/hour) after 6pm. We recommend using the PayStay app to pay for and monitor your parking.
The closest unmetered parking during the day is on George Street (6 min walk), or along Oxford Street after 6pm.

Can I stack deals?
No. Any offers that we have are not available with any other offer. For example, if you have a voucher and you come in on a weekday when we offer 25% off small plates for all guests, then you cannot use the voucher on top of the 25% off. You can pick which ever offer is cheaper, but you can't have both.

Do you serve Shisha?
No. We used to serve Shisha in 2021. We were forced to discontinue the Shisha because it creates an additional fire hazard in a heritage listed building. The cost of insurance made it uneconomical.

Is your venue wheelchair accessible?
Kind of. The building is over 130 years old and was not designed with accessibility in mind.
There is 1 step at the main entrance where you can access the inside section of the restaurant. We have a ramp available to use for this.
There is 1 additional step to access the bathrooms. However, the bathrooms are not handicap enabled.
The courtyard is not accessible because of a flight of stairs about 1.2 metres high.
The upstairs lounge in not accessible because of a flight of stairs about 4 metres high.

What is the difference between the green falafel and the red falafel?
The green falafel are just like the falafel you find at most other places. They are made with chickpeas and green vegetables. The red falafel are made with fava beans and red vegetables, such as beetroot and capsicum.

How long has Babylonia been around?
We opened business on 15th March 2021 ( ago).

Has there ever been a proposal at Babylonia?
Yes! So far we have had 2 proposals (and 2 Yes's) :D