We are happy to host your function or large booking at Babylonia. Generally speaking, we are happy to cater to whetever you want to do, so long as you meet the minimum spend requirements.


  • Babylonia is a small venue and is unable to serve a large number of meals at the same time. As such, we offer a stream of small share-plates that will be distributed amongst the guests as they socialise.
  • Babylonia cannot seat more than 12 people at the same table. For groups larger than this, the guests will be spread out across multiple, separate tables.
  • Babylonia has 3 sections:
    • Main restaurant (inside): This is the indoor dining area at the front of the venue where the main bar is. The main restaurant seats 22 guests.
    • The Oasis: This is our coutyard, or beer garden. It is outdoors, but undercover. It is a non-smoking dining area. It is lush with live plants on all sides and across the roof. There are many heaters available for when it is cold, and fans for when it is hot. The oasis seats up to 50 guests.
    • Upstairs Lounge: This is a separate room, located upstairs away from the dining areas. It can seat up to 20 people. It has a private bar, fireplace, and couches.
  • Babylonia is licenced to serve alcohol up until 1am every day.
  • Due to noise restrictions for the benefit of the residents who live behind Babylonia, all noise in the oasis must cease at 11pm.


  • All function bookings on a Friday or Saturday night (5pm onwards) have a minimum spend requirement of $60/person.
    • If you want to reserve the whole courtyard to yourself, the minimum spend is $3,000 regardless of group size ($60/person times 50 seats = $3,000).
  • All function bookings at any other time have a minimum spend requirement of $30/person.
    • If you want to reserve the whole courtyard to yourself, the minimum spend is $1,500 regardless of group size ($30/person times 50 seats = $1,500).
  • The minimum spend can be made up of food or drinks.
  • If the minimum spend is not fulfilled with food and drinks, the remainder will be charged as room hire.
  • This minimum spend is subject to change at any time.


  • All function bookings require a deposit of 20% of the expected spend, or $10 per person.
  • Deposits are refundable up until 5 days before the event. This timeframe is to allow us to open reservations up to the public and rebook the tables.
  • If a COVID-19 lockdown is announced for the time of your booking, then the deposit is fully refundable.


  • Music: Babylonia plays a Spotify playlist over the sound system throughout the whole venue. We can play separate playlists in each rooms We are happy to play whatever playlist you like, within reason.
  • Live Music: Our liquor licence prohibits us from having live music at our venue.
  • Public Announcements: Babylonia does not have any PA system capable of broadcasting to the entire venue. Presentations are normally held in the oasis while standing in front of the water feature.
  • Stage: There is no stage at Babylonia. The closest thing we have is the elevated back section of the oasis.
  • Belly-Dancer: A belly-dancer can be arranged for your function to provide some entertainment.
    • A standard booking is for 1 hour. The dancer will spend 20-30 minutes in each section of the venue entertaining the guests.
    • The cost is $200/hour.
    • Please book in advance to secure availability and your preferred time.
    • Refer to this video for an example of what the belly-dance is like:


  • We do not have a BYO permit. No alcohol can be brought in from outside.


  • You are welcome to bring your own cake to your function.
  • We can hold it in our fridge until you are ready for it. Then we can put it on a plate, place candles on it, and bring it to your table.
  • We do not charge cakeage.


  • If you book an entire room, you are welcome to decorate it to theme your function.
  • This can include things like balloons, streamers, posters, additional lighting (like fairy lights), A-frames, etc.


We offer two types of service for your function, depending on what kind of experience you would like.


This is more like a corporate function or a birthday party where most guests remain standing for most of the night so they can move around and talk to different people. For this type of service, we remove some of the tables to make room for people to stand. This means that not everyone will be able to sit at the same time.
For this type of service, we offer a modified menu that is suitable for crowds of people standing around and socialising. We start with drinks and finger food which can be eaten on its own while standing. Some items suitable for sharing, like dips and wedges, will be distributed around the different tables. Later in the night we then move on to our small plate meals. These allow guests to eat while standing, if they want to, and to allow guests to try as many different foods as possible. The wait staff will walk around with trays of the small plates and offer them to anyone who is interested.


This is a formal dinner style of service. Think of something like a wedding reception. Everyone remains seated for most of the night and primarily talks to the people at their table. We serve you standard menu. All food is served as share plates at each table.
If you choose this style of service, it is important to note that with all tables sitting in their normal positions, there is not much room for people to stand and mingle between the tables. This is suitable when most of the guests do not know each other and are likely to only socialise with the people at their table.


  • The average customer at Babylonia spends $35-$45 per person on food. We recommend you aim to spend a similar amount if you want everyone to leave feeling satisfied.
  • For light snacks, we recommend spending $25 per person on food.
  • We recommend a good mix of vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. Many of our most popular items are vegetarian or vegan.
  • We also recommend you avoid choosing mostly fried menu items.
  • Our menu (including items and prices) is updated frequently and is subject to change at any time.
  • Please advise Babylonia of all special dietary requirements.
  • Refer to the Menu page for a guide to dietary requirements


  • Set a target for spend-per-head:
    • If your intention is to provide light snacks only, then maybe $25 per head.
    • If you want to provide a substantial meal, then target closer to $40-$45 per head.
    • You can lower your spend or increase the quantity of food by excluding some of the more expensive items, like BBQ prawns, and lamb shish.
  • Pick what menu items you want to include, and what you want to exclude.
  • Make sure you have a good mix of vegan, vegetarian, and non-vegetarian items.
  • Make sure you have a good mix of fried and non-fried food (you want to avoid serving only fried food).
  • We recommend you limit the options to no more than two thirds of the menu items, to help us ensure consistent service.
  • Calculate the quantity of each menu item by adjusting the numbers until you hit your target spend.


Use this calculator to plan a menu according to your budget.

Menu Item Dietary Info Serving Style Cost/Serve ($) Quantity Subtotal ($)
Hummas Ve, GF Share plate 7
Baba ghanoush Ve, GF 7
Spicy Capsicum Dip V, GF 7
Feta & Olive Dip V, GF 7
Tzataiki V, GF 7
Marinated Olives Ve, GF 7
Batata Harra Ve 10
Potato Wedges V 9
Chips Ve 9
Fattoush Salad Ve, GFO 14
Couscous Salad Ve, GF 12
Moroccan Freekeh Salad Ve, GF 16
Falafel Ve, GT Finger food 4 pieces 14
Fried Eggplant Fingers V 6 pieces 17
Fried Chicken Pieces 4 pieces 14
Chicken Wings GF 4 pieces 14
Hawawshi 4 pieces 18
Lamb Sambousek 5 pieces 12
BBQ Prawns GF 6 pieces 21
Creamy Garlic Prawns 5 pieces 18
Chicken Shish Tawouk GF Grill 1 skewer/4 pieces 12
Lamb Kofta GF 1 skewer/4 pieces 13
Lamb Shish Kabab GF 1 skewer/4 pieces 15
Arabian Moussaka Ve, GFO Large share plates (about 3 serves each) 34
Baked Lamb Risotto GF 36
Baked Prawn Risotto GF 35
Lamb & Chickpea Stew 36
Egyptian Lamb Fattah 36
Lenanese Lamb Rice Small plates 5
Majaddara (Lentil Rice) Ve 5
Date & Raisin Couscous Ve 8
Mediterranean Roast Veggies Ve, GF 12


There are 3 options to choose from for drinks:

  • Drinks Package
    • This is a set drinks menu for bottomless service over an agreed time-frame. Guests can drink as much as they like from the limited menu at a set cost per head.
    • If guests want to order other drinks not included in the package (such as cocktails), they must pay for it themselves.
    • The cost per head is applied to all guests, regardless if they drink or not. There are non-alcoholic options available.
    • Despite being a bottomless package, the responsible service of alcohol (RSA) rules still apply. Guests must not become intoxicated.
  • Bar Tab
    • You can open a bar tab with a pre-paid set amount, or by leaving a credit card with the manager.
    • When opening a bar tab, you can choose to limit what drinks are available to your guests however you like. For example, we can make some recommendations for house wine, tap beer, and house spirits. If guests want to order other drinks not included in the tab (such as cocktails), they must pay for it themselves.
    • Once the bar tab runs out, guests must pay for their own drinks.
  • Self-Funded
    • Guests pay for their own drinks. They can order from the staff, or through QR codes on the tables.


Our standard drinks package includes unlimited house wine, tap beer, and non-alcoholic options for the desired time frame.
Our premium drinks package includes everything in the standard package plus additional selections.
Guests can feel free to purchase anything else from the bar (such as cocktails) at their own expense.
Alterations are available on request.


NV La Zona Prosecco (sparkling)
2020 Jules Taylor Sauvignon Blanc (white)
2019 Finca Enguera Tempranillo (red)

Moon Dog "Beer Can" Tropical Lager
Moon Dog "Old Mate" Pale Ale
Mountain Goat Steam Ale

Soft drink

2 hours: $40/person
3 hours: $45/person
4 hours: $50/person


Standard options plus…
2020 Angus & Bremer Sangiovese Rosé
2019 Budburst Shiraz

Standard options plus…
Mountain Goat IPA (6%)

Beefeater gin
Absolut vodka
Havana Club Anejo 3 Anos (light rum)
Havana Club Anejo Especial (dark rum)
Maker's Mark bourbon
Chivas Regal whiskey

Standard options plus…

2 hours: $50/person
3 hours: $60/person
4 hours: $70/person